Our Products

HEPA Filters

    Lower Resistance to Airflow
    Low-cost option for applications that have a higher tolerance to variable air volume
    Each filter has guaranteed efficiencies and resistance to airflow

Hepa Filter Module

    Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit your exacting requirements
    Fully manufactured in Australia to conform with the stringent performance requirements of AS 1386
    HEPA filters can be easily replaced from the clean air side within the work zone

HEPA Absolute Mounting Frames

    Designed for use in single or multiple absolute type filter installations
    Designed to be easily joined together to create multiple banks of filter
    Each frame is supplied with four specially designed holding clamps

Ultrasafe™60 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

    Easy to use controls for a user-friendly experience
    Offers fully functioning class II cabinet in a compact solution suitable for limited space
    Integrated HEPA filtration system utilising H14 efficiency (99.995% for 0.1 to 0.3 microns

Inter-Carb Carbon Panel Filter

    Effective against removing typical unpleasant odours
    Designed for applications where both odour and particulate control are required
    Filter media is a blend of synthetic fibers impregnated with activated carbon that affords the owner flexibility

Econocell Panel Filters

    For use in semi-critical locations
    High performance dry type filters
    Available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications