About Us

AES Environmental, a renowned air filtration company, is expanding its operations to establish a presence in the UK.

With manufacturing capabilities in the UK, we offer fast lead times and flexibility to produce customized products. Our warehouses maintain stock of high-demand filter products tailored to local filtration needs. High-efficiency filters and life sciences equipment is manufactured at our Sydney headquarters, adhering to rigorous operating procedures and quality assurance. Our comprehensive range of products and services includes air filtration, pollution control, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, laboratory equipment, on-site services, and certification.

AES Environmental specializes in delivering bespoke engineered solutions and provides local engineering, manufacturing, and sales support. With branches and subsidiaries in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Thailand as well as an extensive network of distributors and service agents, we ensure efficient product delivery and maintenance.

Our Products and Services include:

AES Environmental delivers bespoke engineered solutions when it counts. Local engineering, manufacturing and sales support are available so that AES can deliver the total package when it comes to critical Air Filtration, Laminar Flow and Pollution Control Applications.

Local Presence

AES Environmental consists of branches and subsidiaries that are located in Cramlington, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Bangkok. There is also a wide reaching network of distributors and service agents that can help to deliver and maintain our products within your region.