Bag Filters

The extensive range of AES Environmental Bag Filters includes products from the Email Air Handling, IFC and Clyde-Apac ranges. Those products range in efficiencies and cover a wide range of applications. Email products are suited to low efficiency applications and make for excellent pre-filters, particularly in Industrial and General HVAC applications where initial filtration of outside air is essential. These filters are suited to high-dust, low-operational cost applications.

Clyde-Apac and IFC products complete the medium to high efficiency range. These products are suited as mid-to-final stage filters and are designed for protection of critical infrastructure and personnel in challenging environments.

Duovee & Triovee Filters

    Low Pressure Drop
    Perfect as Pre-Filter
    High Dust Holding Capacity

Interpocket Filters

    Medium to High Efficiency Filtration
    Available In A Range of Sizes And Pocket Configurations
    Provide Minimal Resistance While Optimising Dust Hold Capacity