Reloadable V-Cell

    Easy to service
    A unique solution that is easily adaptable
    Has a low energy cost, low wastage

Reloadable V-Cell (RVC) is a unique solution that is easily adaptable with Carbon packs or Medium to High efficiencies. The RVC  has a low energy cost, low wastage and is easy to service. Thousands of tonnes of plastic are created and then disposed of each year due to the frames that are required for plastic V-Cell style filters. The RVC does away with that plastic by incorporating a reusable design.

The Reloadable V-Cell also delivers energy savings with 63 Pascal at 3.400 m3/h, the V-Cell F7 outperforms every energy rating.

As energy costs for more than 70% of an air filter’s total life-cycle cost, the Reloadable V-Cell can guarantee important savings on your energy bill. Because of its extremely low initial and average pressure drop, the v-cell is helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Ideal for

  • Significantly reduce waste and environmental plastics
  • Retro-fit existing AHU systems
  • Easily upgrade current V-Cells or Bag Filters 
  • Suitable for Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Hospitals, Office Buildings, Shopping
  • Adaptable environments such as those that may be of risk to bush fires.


Outer frame: HPE composite-polypropylene medium
Separators: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) based hot melt
Sealant: Polyurethane
Gasket: Continuous half round polyurethane or flat EPDM
Temperature (max continuous): 70oC
Final pressure drop: 450 Pa
Humidity: 100% Relative Humidity