Air Filtration


    Available in type 'AC'
    Eliminates odours or chemicals in gaseous form
    For use in conjunction with ventilation or air conditioning systems

Compact P-Pleat

    Durable and economical
    Disposable rigid bag filter
    Suitable for use in industrial applications as a prefilter

Duovee & Triovee Filters

    Low Pressure Drop
    Perfect as Pre-Filter
    High Dust Holding Capacity

DY Fixed Panel Filter

    Suitable in light industrial applications
      Suitable for use in most air conditioning and ventilation systems
      Suitable for use as a prefilter in high efficiency air filtration systems

Econocell High Efficiency Filter

    High performance dry type filters
    Designed for use in semi critical locations
    Durable and of a rigid construction providing a long-service life and consistent performance

Econocell Panel Filters

    For use in semi-critical locations
    High performance dry type filters
    Available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications