Email Activated Carbon and Alumina

    Safe, easy to use so it cuts energy costs
    Controls corrosion- reacts to destroy gases and vapours
    Perfect for small, medium and large air purification systems

Air Purification Spheres
• Perfect for small, medium and large air purification systems.
• Precision engineered to exacting specifications.
• Provides all the benefits you’d expect.
• A must for high-performance reliability and protection.
• Safe, easy to use so it cuts energy costs.
• Controls corrosion- reacts to destroy gases and vapours.
• Certified UL Class 1.

Activated carbon air filter sheets are made of synthetic fibres containing activated charcoal and have the advantages of high dust retention capacity, easy pleating and low pressure loss. Commonly used as prefilters in commercial HVAC systems, they are very good at absorbing odours, smoke and toxic gases.

The major advantages of Mark 2 over other media types

High-performance Mark-2 media contains activated alumina that is entirely impregnated with precise blends of dynamic-oxidant chemicals before being formed into uniformlysized heavy duty spheres.

Principle of Operation
Intricate channels of Mark-2 air purification spheres extensively increases the chemical surface areas for the destruction of corrosives and contaminants. Mark-2 HC media is the higher capacity variant of the two media types, offering double the Permanganate % by weight compared with standard-capacity Mark-2 media. The HCs’ performance is approximately 40% better than the standard Mark-2 spheres.


Email Mark 2 Media Performance Tests
Independent laboratories have conducted performance tests. The tests were performed under conditions that realistically
reflected actual field environment and optimum design criteria.

ASTM approved analytical equipment and testing procedures were utilised to assure unbiased objective results. In both tests, Email Mark-2 & Mark-2 HC clearly demonstrated state of the art performance characteristics for superior efficiency in removing corrosive contaminants and odours.

Operational Efficiency
Email Mark-2s’ chemical formulations and production procedures empower it to operate at absolute efficiency levels, depending on the design criteria and characteristics of the User’s air purification system.

Rigorous usage by industries and testing’s by laboratories have demonstrated and authenticated the superb performance of Mark-2 & Mark-2 HC.