Capture Exhaust Hood

Capture Hood

    Provides an added protection
    Requires Regular testing
    Safety barrier for air containment


The capture hood is created as a safety barrier for air containment when using class II biological safety cabinets and cytotoxic drug safety cabinets. The capture hood provides an added protection to the containment of fumes and particulates used within the cabinets and clean rooms. In the event of a failure of seals within the cabinet HEPA system, the Capture Hood provides protection and will ensure removal of any bypass from the room. The Capture hood has no direct connection with the safety cabinets but are installed around the HEPA exhaust to assist with the entrapment of class II and Cytotoxic drug safety cabinet discharge. The direct flow of discharge is from the safety cabinets to a terminally mounted HEPA and duct (see brochure for diagram)


The size of the hood will exceed the size of the exhaust and additionally will need to have sufficient space to access both the carbon filter and the terminally mounted HEPA filter.


Regular testing is needed to ensure that the filter seals remain intact. Additionally, regular testing must take place to ensure the HEPA filter is functional and as per AS1668.2, the air exhausted from the cabinet and the clean room shall be discharged from the building.