Duovee & Triovee Filters

    Low Pressure Drop
    Perfect as Pre-Filter
    High Dust Holding Capacity

Duovee (2-pocket) and Triovee (3-pocket) bag filters are suitable for a wide range of general air conditioning applications in office, shopping centres, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and other industries requiring clean conditions. The bags are self supporting and particularly suitable for variable air volume systems. 

 No Pre-Filter 

Duovee bag filters are manufactured from synthetic fibres, specially blended to provide two stages of filtration and maximum dust holding capacity. The combination of ‘first’ and ‘second’ stage filtration eliminates the need for separate pre-filter arrangements, therefore providing very considerable savings in space and capital cost. 


The ‘filtration in depth’ properties of the two-stage media provide for very high dust holding capacities and therefore prolonged filter life between bag replacements. 

Simple Bag Replacement 

Duovee & Triovee bag filters are attached to a support wire header which in turn is installed within the outer holding frame fixture. Removal and replacement of the bag ‘modules’ is therefore simple and speedy. 

Performance Testing 

Filters are tested to AS1324.2.4 and 5 and performance tests are conducted at least once every 5 years within a controlled environment in accordance with NATA and Australian Standards requirement 

The test laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia. Accreditation number 13213.To request a current test report, contact the sales team at your nearest AES Environmental branch. 

Specification of Bag Filters  

Air filters shall be Email Air Handling (specify Duovee or Triovee), manufactured by AES Environmental. Each filter unit shall consist of a fixed frame shall consist of a fixed frame, media cartridge and retainer clips. Fixed frame shall be constructed from galvanised mild steel of 1.6mm minimum thickness. 

The media shall be manufactured from two stage non-woven synthetic filter media. It shall be of sufficient mechanical strength to resist tearing while in operation or during replacement. 

Adhesives applied to the media shall set to a gel with zero migration under normal conditions of use.