Interpocket Filters

    Medium to High Efficiency Filtration
    Available In A Range of Sizes And Pocket Configurations
    Provide Minimal Resistance While Optimising Dust Hold Capacity

Interpocket filters

Extended surface, high capacity air filters constructed from synthetic fibres. They are designed to provide a cost effective means of handling large air volumes of constant air flow, with high-particulate concentration of sub-micron particles.

The media construction combines a compact design with excellent airflow characteristics, providing potential for significant energy savings.
In applications requiring a high degree of air cleanliness, Interpocket filters excel as final filters in air handling systems, or as a secondary filter in a three stage filter bank that uses HEPA or ULPA filters as the final filters.

Interpocket filters are suitable for applications where ultra-fine filtration is required, such as in hospitals, office blocks, pharmaceutical plants and universities, where air quality is critical.

Interpocket filters are available in a range of sizes and pocket configurations, with media efficiencies from F6 to F9.



Each bag is manufactured from a multilayer medium comprising a unique blend of synthetic fibres. The medium has a graded density structure, with a pre-filter layer, a fine filtration layer of the specified grade and a backing layer to provide strength. This gives Interpocket bag filters a high dust holding capacity and a low pressure drop, while providing a compact long life filter with energy saving capabilities.

The construction of the filter assembly using synthetic fibre prevents down-stream shedding of alternative materials; such as glass fibre. Downstream shedding can result in a less than desirable outcome for the HVAC ecosystem.


Interpocket Bag Filters are designed for the efficient flow of air, providing minimal resistance while optimising dust holding capacity. A specially designed welding pattern controls the inflation of the pocket, maximising the media area exposed to the air flow and ensuring an even dust loading. To avoid the risk of leakage, the finished pocket is sealed to ensure total filter pocket integrity. All pockets are assembled into a ‘U’ shape formed header frame, which provides a compact, rigid and robust filter structure. Interpocket filters suit installation into existing front and side withdrawal frames or with optional mounting hardware can be installed into filter banks. Where bank height exceeds 2.0m it is recommended that continuous stiffening bars be install