Ultrasafe™60 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

    Easy to use controls for a user-friendly experience
    Offers fully functioning class II cabinet in a compact solution suitable for limited space
    Integrated HEPA filtration system utilising H14 efficiency (99.995% for 0.1 to 0.3 microns

Introducing the new Ultrasafe™ 60

The Ultrasafe60™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is a compact design that compliments our standard Ultrasafe™ range of safety cabinets. Due to the compact nature, the Ultrasafe™ 60 can fit into the most crowded of laboratories, where space remains a premium.

Suitable for applications in laboratories, pharmaceutical labs, universities, community centers, retail dispensing pharmacies, anywhere a controlled environment is required to protect product, environment, and operator.

User friendly

Ultrasafe60™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinet features easy-to-use control panels, comfortable working height, and accessories to ensure a user friendly and comfortable use of the cabinet. The control panel features electronic touch buttons and a digital output displaying performance and status. The opening window height ensures a comfortable experience for the user, offers good air barrier containment, and provides more robustness and consistency in design than a sash window. Various extra’s and accessories can be added to increase user comfort and operation of the cabinet.

Easy to place

Ultrasafe60™ is a 600mm wide compact class II BSC that has been designed to be easily installed in laboratories that are short on space. As either a free-standing unit with a fixed or electronically adjustable stand or as a bench mounted unit, this Class II BSC is perfect for rapid deployment as a solution to the growing need to respond to rapid testing testing requirements, in particular those related to Covid-19.

Integrated HEPA filtration system

Ultrasafe60™ features an integrated HEPA laminar flow unidirectional supply filtration system and a HEPA exhaust filter. The HEPA filters are constructed from H14(HEPA efficiency rating 99.995% efficiency for 0.1 to 0.3 micron) material. The HEPA filters are constructed from pleated H14 media with aluminum pleat dividers inserted, creating a filter that has an even distribution of air and is capable of delivering an extended service life through its deep-bed construction.