Fixed panel dry arrestance type
    Suitable for use in most air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    Available in standard and non standard sizes

The V-Form filter is a fixed panel dry arrestance type unit suitable for use in most air-conditioning and ventilation systems. 

These include packaged air conditioners for office and computer room applications and light # industrial applications.  

V-Form mounting frames and clips facilitate quick removal and replacement at service intervals. For larger air volumes, V-Form filters can be made up into banks simply by bolting the holding frames together. 

V-Forms can be manufactured within a broad range of standard and non-standard sizes to suit your specific requirements. 

The V-Form filter consists of two basic parts – the mounting frame and the filter cell. The mounting frame has provision for mounting in banks and incorporates clips. The frame is constructed of galvabond steel and is fitted with a sealing strip to avoid air leakage when the filter cell is in place. 

The filter cell comprises a galvabond or aluminium frame, containing the filter media held in place between two support frames. The filter media is manufactured from graded synthetic fibres laid up in graduated layers, bonded and subsequently baked. 

Standard Specification for V-Form

Air filters shall be Email Air Handling V50 (or V100) or approved equal, surface area (see table), fitted with synthetic fibre filtering material. At rated capacity, average efficiency by AS1324.2 test procedure shall not be less than (see table)%. The filter shall withstand a minimum increase of 125Pa above initial resistance. The mounting frame shall be galvabond steel (aluminium optional) to resist corrosion.

How to order:

  1. Obtain media range requirements/filter sizes to suit your application i.e. L x W = m2
  2. Refer to the table for nearest media range.
  3. To order, quote part number from table and required filter face dimensions in mm.