Econocell Panel Filters

    For use in semi-critical locations
    High performance dry type filters
    Available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications

Email Air Handling Econocell Panel Filters are high performance dry-type filters, intended for use in semi-critical locations, in both HVAC and general industrial. The Econocell is available in three efficiencies to suit a range of applications. With its’ rigid construction, the Econocell ideally meets the design requirements of today’s variable air volume systems. 

The performance of Econocell Panel Filters is not interrupted by changes in air velocity or fan shutdown Compared to unsupported bag filters. Additionally, the structural integrity of the Filter is not affected by accumulated dust. The Econocell filters have the lowest pressure drop available for their type and design. Continually low resistance under varied air volumes ensures power savings over the life of the filter. 

The lofted media and tapered radial pleats provide a high dust holding capability, extending the life of the filter. A continuous sheet of special fibre filter medium is pleated into a vee configuration. This forms the filter element which is bonded into a beverage bond frame with all joints encapsulated and sealed in a special urethane. As a result the system will require less down time and in turn reduce maintenance costs. 

Filters are produced in a wide range of face dimensions and in a variety of depths from nominally 50mm and 100mm to 150mm and 300mm. The High Efficiency range is part of the Semi Absolute line-up and available in depths from 150mm to 300mm. This range is suited to higher-capacity applications that also require a higher efficiency.  

The final pleated filter is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the airflow direction. This durability also ensures that there is no damage to the pleats during transportation and storage.