Compact and Economical Filter
    Low Operational Costs, High Dust Holding Capacity
    Totally Disposable

Interfold Panel Filters

Interfold panel filters are effective pre-filters for nearly any HVAC system. The Interfold is designed to be a disposable cardboard pre-filter, consisting of a high wet-strength beverage board and a synthetic filter media that is laminated, wire-backed and pleated in a unique super-vee pleat design that is designed to provide optimal air flow characteristics and low pressure-drop.

The interfold is available in efficiencies ranging from G4 (ISO Course) through to F9 using specialised material varying pleat depths of 25, 50 and 100mm and a range of standard and non-standard sizes are available.

Local Manufacturing

We produce our Interfold range in several locations: Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Thailand and the UK. Due to the high cost of importing and moving basic Air Filters around the world, it is a far more sustainable solution to create small manufacturing cells in each location that we operate from. This provides local jobs, it reduces lead-times for customers and allows for tailored solutions in each area.

Indoor Air Quality

The achievement of indoor air quality is a function of system design, filtration selection and maintenance as described in Australian Standard AS3666. Contaminated heating and cooling coils have heating/cooling transfer efficiency reductions of up to 25% when a coating of 1mm of dust is collected on the coil surface. The Interfold filter aids indoor air quality by providing an effective filtration solution and a desirable cost-point. The Interfold will often be paired with an Inter-pocket Bag Filter in a combination or staggered filter arrangement in what is the most common arrangement for Air Filters within general HVAC applications.


A simple retro-fit can upgrade any new or existing air filtration system to incorporate AES Environmental’s Interfold. The high dust holding capacity extends replacement intervals, and used as a prefilter, considerably lengthens the service life of other secondary filters in the system. AES Environmental Interfold is suitable for air conditioning and industrial applications.