Econocell High Efficiency Filters

Econocell High Efficiency Filter

    High performance dry type filters
    Designed for use in semi critical locations
    Durable and of a rigid construction providing a long-service life and consistent performance

The Econocell High Efficiency Filter is a high-performance dry type, designed for use in semi-critical locations such as computer installations and prestige office buildings. 


Email Air Handling Econocell Filters are designed for use in such semi-critical applications as: 

  • Hospital ICU’S & CCU’s 
  • Computer room installations 
  • Prestige office buildings 


  • Reduced likelihood of post-operative infection. 
  • Redecorating costs of walls, ceilings and drapes reduced. 
  •  Heating and cooling coils stay cleaner, maintaining heat transfer efficiencies and lowering energy costs. 


Individually tested: every Econocell High Efficiency Filter is individually tested for guaranteed Hot DOP efficiency and resistance to airflow. The results of this testing, together with the filter code and the test airflow, are given on serialised NATA certification labels attached to the filter and its carton, providing easy and rapid identification. 

Lower resistance to airflow: Email Air Handlings’ high-performance filter paper provides a higher airflow capacity (for lower resistance to airflow) 

The special ‘Hospital’ version of the Econocell filter, which has been designed to give the higher performance demanded for hospital situations. Both versions are highly effective in removing cigarette smoke from the atmosphere, along with the other benefits that come with high efficiency filtration. 

The Econocell High Efficiency Filter construction is similar to that of Absolute type filters except that a much lower resistance paper is used. Initial pressure drops are therefore lower. A glass-paper filtering medium is used which is pleated into a narrow Vee formation and held in place by corrugated aluminium separators. The filter assembly is enclosed in a metal frame. Econocell filters are suitable for use with conventional mounting frames or can be supplied with extended flanges for down-flow applications. In the latter case, Blu-gel fluid seal is recommended to overcome the need for gaskets or mounting clamps. 

Econocell Panel Filters are the medium efficiency version of this product, located in the panel filters range. Econocell Panel Filters are available in 50mm to 100mm depths while the Econocell High Efficiency range is available in depths from 150mm and 300mm.  


The final pleated filter is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the airflow direction. This durability also ensures that there is no damage to the pleats during transportation and storage. 

Standard Features

  • Reduced likelihood cross-infection· Redecorating costs can be halved – walls, ceilings and drapes require less frequent maintenance/cleaning/renewal.
  • Heating and cooling coils stay cleaner, with maintained heat transfer efficiencies and therefore lower energy costs.
  • Expensive repairs to precision equipment can be reduced.